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Our Expertise

 Our company integrates all fields required by the customer in the relevant field:

  • High level of theoretical knowledge with results recognized world-wide,
  • Rich practical experience with operating advanced HT technologies and
  • Proven management skills with internationally recognized results.
  • Consulting up to Governments and UN levels 

Our Knowledge

 Our company has a vast knowledge of theoretical, development and operation recognized knowledge that can be characterized as: 

  • Internationally recognized doctoral level of knowledge (Erdos #2)
  • R&D improvement of knowledge in Academy of Science, Universities etc.
  • Engineer university level of knowledge
  • Legislative knowledge of university level
  • Administration knowledge of university level

That professional background is also applied in consulting fields which enables the company among actual trends to select those which aim to the future standards and provide our clients effective solutions and implement them in the country in an effective way.

Our Experience

Company comprises with the extraordinary integration of theoretical expertise, implementation, operational and business experience that enable choosing the right and perspective solutions and decisions. Expertise and knowledge can be a good basements for the success only if they are followed by a long-term applying them in practical professional life. Our experience can be characterized in those fields as it follows:

 §  Common professional experience:

  • Successful management experience
  • Experience in national Communication operators (both PSTN and HT NGN platforms)
  • Consulting for up to government and UN levels
    • Strategic consultations
    • Tactical and implementation consultations
    • Consulting and preparing tenders
    • Legal consultations
    • Technological consultations
    • System solution consultations
    • HR consultations
  • University practice (both teaching and R&D)
  • International IT projects in Academy of Sciences
  • Active research, development, optimizations, inventions
  • Wide implementation coverage (e.g. using some 20 programming languages)
  • Creating leading ISP in developed country
  • Experience in development fields like
    • Operating systems
    • DBMS’
    • Compilers and interprets
    • MIS of different levels (up to 43,000 employees)
    • Non-Interruptible Fault-tolerant 24/7 operating systems
    • Monitoring computer, communication and SW systems
    • ISP AAA systems
    • ISP Customer Support systems
    • E-mail redundant systems
    • Bi-directional SMS remote control system
    • Automated anti-spam defense system
    • Automated on-line disclosing infections
    • Automated incident prediction systems
    • Optimizations

 ·         Operation experience provided by following examples:

  • Operation and support for World-leading Communication operators in the country
  • Leading ISP
  • Large center of highly confidential data (national soc. insurance in EU)
  • Large highly secured LAN / WAN
  • Large monitoring / alerting systems
  • On-line disclosing infections
  • On-line disclosing and solving spam
  • Bi-directional SMS remote control system
  • On-line monitoring and alerting systems (up to tens of thousands entities)

 ·         Additional experience

  • Investigations of unwanted activities in ISP
  • Moral behavior (awarded also in Kuwait)
  • Membership in reputed international bodies

 Our Recognized Results

 There is a difference between implementing and running solutions and the successful and recognized implementing and running solutions. The following examples of the concrete successful and recognized original results achieved by key persons of the company characterize our expertise quite well:

  • Successful revitalization of companies in problems (in different countries)
  • Rationalizations for Companies and Groups (up to 43,000 employees)
  • Creating the leading ISP in a developed country
  • Awarded theoretical publications (international awards)
  • Fault-tolerant Multi-ISP Kernel (invited to the top World Conference in USA)
  • Large distributed monitoring system for National NGN communication operator
  • Successful knowledge model of “Become and Stay Leading ISP”
  • Patents in IT and ISP fields
  • Remote wireless control of ISP
  • 2d and 3D visualization of IT operation
  • Multi-lingual natural language man-machine communication
  • Knowledge and expert systems in different fields
  • Optimizations of production and services in different fields
  • Enhancements of operating systems
  • Compilers, interprets and multi-platform cross-compilers, DBMS
  • HW solutions
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